‘Your life should be done’: Victim of ‘Balaclava rapist’, Larry Takahashi speaks

One of the victims of the so-called ‘Balaclava rapist’, Larry Takahashi, is outraged over his release.

Takahashi was known for breaking into homes and sexually assaulting women while wearing a ski mask. Edmonton Police said at the time that it was likely he assaulted over 100 women before being arrested in 1983.

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In 1984, he faced 70 charges involving 22 women but was only convicted of 14 charges, including four counts of rape, sexual assault with a weapon, and six counts of disguise with intent.

He was given three life sentences.

But now, the parole board won’t say when he’s being released or where he’s planning to live, citing privacy concerns.

One of Takahashi’s victims, ‘Jane’ (we are protecting her identity), says she wasn’t even told about his release, she found out from Global News coverage.

“I go to bed and I wake up with a knife at my temple,” she said. “Threatening to cut my face.”

Jane was only 18 when she was raped in her own home 36 years ago, while her family was sleeping nearby.

“He just kept threatening and saying he hated to cut up my beautiful face,” she said. He put me in front of the mirror and stared at me. [He] undressed me. Did what rapists do.”

“Finally, after being there for a long period of time, I started to cry quietly and he said ‘what’s the matter?’. And I said ‘I’m cold’. And he covered me up with a blanket and kissed me on the forehead and he left.”

She said she went into the bathroom and ate a bar of soap. “Because he made me do things and my mouth was dirty,” she said.

Jane said the policy of protecting offenders like Takahashi has to change.

“You lost your rights,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned your life should be done.”

-With files from Rumina Daya and Jill Slattery