‘What happened to Amanda?’ Family looks for answers 9 months after Calgary woman’s death

It’s been nine months since Darrell Hogg’s sister died and he says the questions that remain are unbearable.

“Scenarios play through my mind every day,” he said Wednesday outside the office building where he works downtown Calgary.

“There’s so much mystery behind her death. It’s a mystery to us as well as the police.”

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    Calgary police asking for information on whereabouts of Amanda Antoni prior to death

    Family of Amanda Antoni still looking for answers as they say final goodbye

  • Heartbroken husband of Amanda Antoni breaks silence

    Amanda Antoni’s body was found in the basement of her Castleridge home on Oct. 26, 2015. The grisly discovery was made by her husband, Lee, who had been out of town for several days. Officers believe the 31-year-old died sometime between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 24.

    Initially police said Antoni’s death was suspicious, with signs of violence in the home. But months later there’s still no arrests or suspects.

    “The cause of death is blunt force trauma and there’s several ways that could happen,” Calgary Police Insp. Don Coleman explained. “There’s things with the scene that could be construed as violence or accidental. It may have the appearance of being sinister but it could also be explained away.”

    Family and investigators are reaching out to the public hoping someone holds the key to the case.

    Throughout the past few months, Hogg has found some solace in a song, Everyday Angels, written by his friend, Blake Reid.

    “The message in the song could help a lot of families in the same position as us. It really talks about how some hearts burn brighter than others and because they burn so bright they’re not here as long.”

    Even though the song brings some comfort, Hogg admits what his family wants is a break in the case.

    “What we really need is to know what happened with Amanda,” he said.

    “It’s still a mystery. I don’t think we’ll ever get closure until we get some answers and get that mystery solved.”