Super-luxury cruise ship making Northwest Passage voyage currently in Vancouver

The luxury cruise ship that will soon sail the Northwest Passage from Anchorage to New York, and costs upwards of $160,000 per person, is currently docked in Vancouver’s port.

Leaving Vancouver tonight, the Crystal Serenity operated by Crystal Cruises, will sail to Anchorage and back before it leaves Vancouver on Aug. 6 for a 42-day voyage through the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. It’s the first time a luxury ship of its size will attempt the passage.

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Technically the Northwest Passage trip is billed as leaving from Anchorage, but the boat makes a one-way trip from Vancouver before the departure, meaning enthusiastic passengers could book back-to-back sailings for the full experience.

But anyone booked on the sold-out trip has shelled out tens of thousands of dollars.

The least expensive rooms on board started at $29,000 and went up to $160,000 per person.

Those looking for a true luxury experience won’t be disappointed.

The $350 million US-boat was first commissioned in 2003 and christened by Dame Julie Andrews, and has since received a $52-million makeover. The all-inclusive amenities include language classes, digital filmmaking courses, and lectures, along with the quintessential pools, spa, gym, tennis courts, and high-end dining – including complimentary spirits and wine.

Passengers also commonly wear long gowns, tuxedos, and formal white jackets to some of the ship’s fancier affairs.

Dozens of expedition experts will be on board, including geologists, marine biologists, guides, National Geographic photographers, historians, and ice pilots. Extra-cost shore excursions on the trip include mountain hikes, helicopter flights, kayaking expeditions, whale watching, and more.

The 32-day voyage goes from Anchorage, around the top horn of Alaska, across the top of Northwest Territories and Nunavut, around the north end of Baffin Island, to Greenland, and down the Atlantic coast.

See photos of the Crystal Serenity: