Are mosquitoes to blame in 2 new mysterious Zika cases in Florida?

NEW YORK – Florida health officials are investigating two more mysterious cases of Zika infection that do not appear to be related to travel, bringing the total to four.

The cases have raised the possibility that mosquitoes in the U.S. have begun to spread the virus. Florida officials say they are still looking into the cases and have not come to a conclusion.

The four cases are in neighbouring Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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  • Florida health officials probe 1st possible Zika case from Miami mosquito bite

  • Zika virus: Any kind of unprotected sex can spread the disease, health officials warn

  • How does Zika spread? Utah infection raises new questions

  • Zika virus: Scientists map mom to fetus transmission in 1st detailed explanation

    The cases fit a similar pattern seen when mosquito-borne clusters of two other tropical infections, dengue fever and chikungunya, occurred in Florida in the past, according to Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    READ MORE: These are the tell-tale symptoms of Zika virus, according to a new case study

    “Evidence is mounting which points to local transmission via mosquitoes,” he said of the Florida cases.

    The virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes, as well as sex. So far, the 1,400 infections reported in the U.S. have been linked to travel to countries with Zika outbreaks in Latin America or the Caribbean.

    Zika causes only a mild illness in most people. But scientists recently confirmed that infection during pregnancy can lead to severe brain-related birth defects.

    READ MORE: Here’s what Zika virus symptoms look like in pregnant women

    The tropical mosquito that spreads Zika and other viruses is also found in the southern U.S. Health officials have predicted that mosquitoes in the U.S. would begin spreading Zika this summer and have mobilized to keep it from spreading beyond isolated clusters.



    CDC-Zika: 长沙桑拿按摩论坛长沙夜生活

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Your Saskatchewan – Regina: July 2016

Every day on Global Regina at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., we feature a viewer submitted photo for Your Saskatchewan.

Submit your photo with a description and location via Facebook, 桑拿会所 or by email to [email protected]长沙夜网.

Photos should be added to the email as an attachment, in jpeg format, landscape orientation and at least 920 pixels wide.

July 4: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Colin McLellan near Rowat, Sask.

July 5: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Notanee Bourassa.

July 6: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Rebecca Larkin at the Condie Nature Refuge.

July 7: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken near Regina by Darcey Conn.

July 8: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Darrell Morvik.

July 11: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken near Regina by Tammy Kish-Saranchuk.

July 12: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Margaret Flack in Vanscoy, Sask.

July 13: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Bette Hynd‎ at Last Mountain Lake.

July 14: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken of Wascana Lake in Regina by Vin de la Cruz.

July 15: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jenna Raine.

July 18: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Aaron Walker.

July 19: This Your Saskatchewan Photo was taken by Jill Apshkrum east of Regina.

July 20: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Kirsten Morin.

July 21: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken near Ile-a-la-Crosse, Sask. by Hope Desjarlais.

July 22: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Tracey Britton in St. Victor, Sask.

July 25: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Annette McCann in La Ronge, Sask.

July 26: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Cary Fischer of a pelican on Wascana Lake.

July 27: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken of the wind turbines near Hodgeville, Sask. by Brent Adam.

July 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken of a young bull elk in Waskesiu Lake by Patricia Warlet Caldeira.

July 29: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jerry Wong in Alvena, Sask.

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长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

Canada’s Christine Girard may see Bronze from London Olympics upgraded

Canadian weightlifter Christine Girard’s bronze medal from the London Olympics could be upgraded to gold after the two women who finished ahead of her were nabbed in doping retests.

“It looks good for Christine if that’s the case,” Canadian Weightlifting Federation president Paul Barrett said.

The International Weighlifting Federation announced Wednesday that samples of 11 weightlifters from the 2012 Games showed positive results.

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Svetlana Tsarukaeva of Russia, who finished second in the women’s 63-kilogram division, was among the 11 athletes. She tested positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid.

Gold medallist Maiya Maneza of Kazakhstan was already caught testing positive for stanozolol in an earlier batch of retesting.

READ MORE: Christine Girard wins bronze medal in weightlifting at London Olympics

Medals in London were determined by the sum of each lifter’s best result in the snatch and the clean and jerk, with three attempts allowed in each.

Girard narrowly missed out on silver in 2012, finishing third with a total of 236 kilograms behind Tsarukaeva at 237. Maneza totalled 245 kilograms.

Both Tsarukaeva and Maneza have been provisionally suspended but it would take months, or even years, for a redistribution of Olympic medals.

“These people still have a right to appeal and the right to a second test,” Barrett pointed out.

Girard placed fourth at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The CWF president said Girard was tested a lot during her career.

“She has been,” Barrett said.

“She would have tested at both those Olympics because she was a medallist (in 2012) and she was in fourth place (in 2008).

“I know she’s been tested on many occasions. We won a gold medal at the Pan Americans in 2011. She won medals at the Commonwealth Games, so she’s been tested.”

Barrett said he has not been contacted by either the IWF or the Canadian Olympic Committee about a possible upgrade for Girard.

Women’s weightlifting made its Olympic debut in 2000. Girard was the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic medal in the sport.

Girard grew up in Rouyn-Noranda, Que., but now lives in the Vancouver area. The 31-year-old is married with children. She and husband Walter Bailey co-founded the Kilophile Weightlifting Club in Surrey, B.C.

Shot-putter Dylan Armstrong of Kamloops, B.C., was upgraded from fourth to the bronze medal almost seven years after the 2008 Beijing Olympics due to doping.

Cross-country skier Beckie Scott of Vermilion, Alta., moved up from bronze to gold two and a half years after the 2002 Winter Games when the medallists ahead of her were caught doping.

长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

‘This is my hometown’: Athlete excited for Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships to return to Dartmouth

The 2016 Canadian Sprint Canoe Kayak Championships are taking place in Dartmouth from Aug. 30 to Sept. 4.

More than 1,200 athletes from over 40 clubs across the country will be coming together on Lake Banook to compete in six days of intense racing events.

READ MORE: Rio 2016: Secret research will help Canadian kayakers go faster at the Games

A legacy donation is making it possible to install a return lane in time for the national competition – a first for Lake Banook.

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  • Quebec paddlers in homestretch of kayak trip from Montreal to Mexico

    “It’s going to make the races more fair so the athletes aren’t experiencing wash from people warming up and the previous race,” national team member and Pan American Games gold medallist Hannah Vaughan said.

    “That’s going to have an incredible lasting impact because it’s going to upgrade our course internationally to an A-grade course which means we’re going to be able to host future international competitions like the World Championships as we did in ’97 and 2009.”

    READ MORE: Canada wins first medal of Pan Am Games, gold in women’s kayaking

    Vaughan, a sprint kayaker from Dartmouth, is taking on a new role at the 2016 national event.

    “I made a commitment to the club that if I didn’t qualify for the Olympics, which unfortunately I didn’t, I would coach at my club,” Vaughn said. “So, I’m going to have a dual role at this nationals – still racing my senior events, still trying to win medals for myself and then also cheering on my athletes who will be competing in the younger division.”

    According to Canoe Kayak Canada, 40 per cent of competitive kayak and canoe athletes in Canada originate from Nova Scotia.

    Another Dartmouth native, Ailish McNulty, said she’s been paddling on Lake Banook since she was four years old. She said the national competition will allow her the opportunity to showcase her skills in front of family and friends.

    “This is my hometown. This is my favourite place on Earth – Dartmouth,” said McNulty. “It’s going to be really great to have hometown advantage and have so many people that I care about coming down to watch me race.”

    The event is inclusive of The Canadian Masters Championship – an event that will attract an additional 600 adult competitive paddlers.

    READ MORE: Canadian kayaker Mark de Jonge wins Pan Am gold

    The event first came to Dartmouth in 1971. The City of Lakes has been home to the historic event every four years since 1980.

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Edmonton summer camp helps Syrian students transition to school in Canada

When you’ve never set foot in a classroom, it can be intimidating to start school. But for nearly 60 Syrian refugee kids, an Edmonton summer camp is hoping to make that first big step a little easier.

“We’re trying to help them transition into the school system in September,” instructor Sumia Abdul Hafidh said.

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    15-year-old Syrian refugee finds first summer job

    Syrian students welcomed with open arms, but teaching resources being stretched

  • Edmonton Public School District asks federal government to help fund Syrian students

    WATCH MORE: Edmonton area program helps Syrian refugees overcome ‘barrier of fear,’ trauma of water

    The camp is being held at Glengarry School and is one of nine being held in the City of Edmonton throughout July and August.

    The children learn math, English, science, and life skills.

    “It’s one step up to help me know the basics, like how to reply back to a teacher or how to go to the washroom,” said Mutaz Al Salamat, through a translator.

    “These are the things that the kids naturally do here in Canada,” Abdul Hafidh explained.

    They are also being taught how to play like Canadian kids, through Tug of War, water balloon fights and Dodgeball.

    Transitioning to life in a new country is hard to say the least, but many of these kids’ parents spend their summer trying to learn English themselves or they look for a job. Those with REACH Edmonton, which put on the summer camp, say it’s important for kids to be active in their communities when they aren’t in school, so they aren’t sitting at home.

    “Anything to do with out-of-school time programming in the summer months is crucial,” Lindsay Daniller, director Of Community Initiatives and Strategic Development for REACH Edmonton, said.

    REACH and nine other Edmonton organizations were given $245,000 in funding from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The funding is given out to programs that help Syrian refugees integrate into Canadian communities.

    The programs are intentionally held in neighbourhoods with high numbers of Syrian families, so families don’t have to struggle to find transportation.

    WATCH MORE: Bilingual studies programs in Edmonton Public Schools offers more than just second language

    Most of the instructors speak Arabic to help the students communicate.

    Abdul Hafidh’s parents are from Iraq, and although she said the kids like playing games, many are more interested in learning English.

    “They’re very, very excited to learn the new language,” Abdul Hafidh said.

    One young student, named Rayan Alqadri, told Global News although he enjoys playing, getting an education is more important.

    The four-week program wraps up on August 5.

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Montreal family’s social housing apartment to be sprayed again for bed bugs

The Lewandowska family has had their low income apartment sprayed for bed bugs, but they are still dealing with the parasites.

The first treatment didn’t work and Montreal’s Municipal Housing Office is set to return in the next few days for a second treatment.

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  • Finding bed bugs in Montreal has gone to the dogs

  • Bed bugs an ‘epidemic’ in Montreal, says housing group

  • How do moving companies make sure your furniture remains bed bug-free?

    READ MORE: Finding bed bugs in Montreal has gone to the dogs

    “The minimum is two treatments, but we never know with bed bugs,” said Ingrid Dirickx, Montreal municipal housing office spokesperson.

    However, spraying isn’t the only way to get rid of bed bugs.

    Don Prashker and his bed bug extermination team use heat treatment rather than a spray.

    READ MORE: Bed bug infestation plagues Montreal family living in social housing complex

    He said the issue with the spray is that bed bugs become more resistant to the pesticides.

    “The chemicals are superficial and they’re spraying the perimeter of the apartment … making the problem even harder to solve,” Prashker said.

    WATCH BELOW: Montreal bed bug problems

    Bed bug dog squad


    Bed bug dog squad


    Social housing bed bugs


    Bed bugs and moving trucks


    Montreal bed bug troubles

    The heat treatment reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius), killing the bed bugs and their eggs.

    “We don’t want to control the problem, we want to eliminate the problem,” Prashker said.

    READ MORE: Bed bugs an ‘epidemic’ in Montreal, says housing group

    That’s exactly what the Lewandowska family is looking for.

    “I would like to actually see them do their job properly and not just say that they will,” said Kamila Lewandowska, tenant of the apartment.

    “It is time to do something about it. We’ve been asking for too long.”

    READ MORE: How do moving companies make sure your furniture remains bed bug-free?

    The family is also unhappy with how the housing office has dealt with the situation.

    “I honestly just think they’re sending the first person they can think of to close our eyes,” Lewandowska said.

长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

Your Manitoba: July 2016

Your Manitoba July 27; Langruth, Man.

Submitted by: Drenna Campbell

Your Manitoba July 27; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Allan Robertson

Your Manitoba July 27; Lake of the Woods, Ont.

Submitted by: Janet Cretton

Your Manitoba July 27; Gimli, Man.

Submitted by: Leslie Mehner

Your Manitoba July 27; Sandy Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Carolyn Whitfield

Your Manitoba July 25; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Pauline Merchant

Your Manitoba July 25; Riverton, Man.

Submitted by: Sandy Reimer

Your Manitoba July 25; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 25; Bird Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Nick Loewen

Your Manitoba July 25; Birds Hill, Man.

Submitted by: Lorna Schulz

Your Manitoba July 21; Gretna, Man.

Submitted by: Susie Teichroeb

Your Manitoba July 21; Brunkild, Man.

Submitted by: Beate Janssen

Your Manitoba July 21; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Celeste Odono

Your Manitoba July 21; Carman, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 21; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 19; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Matthew Thach

Your Manitoba July 19; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Richard Simard

Your Manitoba July 19; Lundar Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Sean LaPlante

Your Manitoba July 19; St. Laurent, Man.

Submitted by: Daryle Friesen

Your Manitoba July 19; Gimli, Man.

Submitted by: Dennis Swayze

Your Manitoba July 15; Hwy 5 & Mountain Road, Man.

Submitted by: Arlene Mousseau

Your Manitoba July 15; Birds Hill, Man.

Submitted by: Patrick Matte

Your Manitoba July 15; Lorette, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 15; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 15; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 12; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 12; Inverness Falls, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 12; Riverton, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 12; Laurier, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 12; Petersfield, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 7; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 7; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 7; Seven Sisters Falls, Man.

Submitted by: Charity Eaton

Your Manitoba July 5; Winnipeg area, Man.

Photo Credit: Lorne Schulz

Your Manitoba July 5; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Dusanka Perkovic

Your Manitoba July 5; Whytewold, Man.

Submitted by: Kathy Magnusson

Your Manitoba July 4; Lake of the Prairies, Man.

Submitted by: Corinne Bernard

Your Manitoba July 4; Gimli, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 4; Portage la Prairie, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 4; Victoria Beach, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 4; Winnipeg, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 6; Carman, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 6; Spruce Woods Prov. Park, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 6; Landmark, Man.

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Your Manitoba July 26; Netley Creek, Man.

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Province slams Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes report

The province is calling on Halifax to reject the latest proposal for a wilderness park in the city and instead meet commitments set out in 2006.

Global News obtained a copy of the letter sent by Nova Scotia environment minister Margaret Miller on June 30. It is addressed to Mayor Mike Savage and the clerk’s office.

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In it, Miller says the June report on聽the聽Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes doesn’t represent what the municipality said would be created. In 2006, the city adopted a plan for a regional park adjacent to a provincial wilderness area which the province established in 2009.

READ MORE:聽Company involved in Birch Cove Lakes development made donations to sitting politicians

The June report “presents a different concept,” Miller wrote in the letter.

The 2006 plan was reaffirmed by council in 2014 and allows for the creation of a largely untouched back country, surrounded by a front country with active trail systems and access points to the back country.

Miller takes issue with the “substantial development” around the cluster of lakes that were originally supposed to make up the core of the regional park. She also raises a concern about the development proposed for areas of the park which were slated to become back county —; meaning that the area was supposed to remain untouched by parking lots and paved pathways, let alone new subdivisions.

READ MORE:聽Battle brewing over Blue Mountain park development plans

Council has not approved the June report, and will debate the issue next on Sept. 6. The report was expected to find a negotiated settlement between two of the land owners who want to develop the area and the municipality which wants to turn the area into a regional park. However, it instead largely sided with the developer’s plan to construct houses, townhouses and multi-unit buildings.

The land owned by developers is not zoned for construction, meaning even though the developers own the land they cannot build on it unless council approves an exemption.

Local MLA Diana Whalen is also weighing in, saying that if council approves the June report, only 25 per cent of the land proposed for the regional park would become parkland while the rest would be developed. In a letter sent the same day as Miller’s, Whalen said she is “disappointed” with the report.

The report is in “direct opposition to the commitments that were made when (the Halifax Regional Municipality) adopted a plan for a regional park,” Whalen said.

The dark brown area outlined on the map is Halifax’s proposed boundary for the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes regional park. The yellow part is the core wilderness area. The striped area represents the wilderness area designated by the province in 2009. The map is based on Map 11 of the Halifax regional plan.

Neil Sangani / Global News

The above map shows what a proposed regional park would look like if council voted to allow construction on some areas which were originally supposed to be park land. The map is based on information in the June facilitator’s report.

Neil Sangani / Global News

White and yellow lines depict a draft proposal for the division between front country and back country in the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes park. The map is based on a 2012 draft map from the Halifax Regional Municipality. It has never been approved by council.

Neil Sangani / Global News

Proposal could ‘threaten the integrity of the wilderness area’: Minister

In her letter, Miller says the report misses the point on the need for the wilderness area in addition to the regional park.

The wilderness area is considered a back country area. However, in order for it to remain a back country area, it needs a buffer zone to protect it from the dense urban and suburban area. The regional park is supposed to act as that protection and is called the front country, where there would be more high-impact recreation.

Miller says if council approves the June report it could “threaten the integrity of the wilderness area and create significant management issues for the province.”

She ends the letter calling on the city to “pursue the vision for the for the regional park, as outlined in (the) regional plan.”

The front country is a crucial element of the park’s concept, Dalhousie University professor Karen Beazley said after Tuesday’s council meeting. She works in the university’s聽School for Resource and Environmental Studies.

“If entire area is developed according to the plan that the developer put forward and that is in the facilitator’s report then essentially there will be聽no core area left in the provincial wilderness area.”

The Annapolis Group and the Stevens Group are the two companies involved in the dispute. Neither responded to requests for comment.

长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

‘Heard urine need of a kidney’: friend donates kidney to man ‘days away from failure’

It was a tear-jerking moment when a Texas man, who was said to be days away from kidney failure, got the news he’d been waiting for: a new kidney.

A video posted on Vimeo showed the moment Danny Kolzow of Fort Worth, Texas, was given the news from a friend that he would be donating one of his kidneys.

Kolzow has a rare disease and was said to be days away from kidney failure and starting dialysis.

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The video, which has been viewed nearly 16,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon, showed Kolzow’s university friend, Graham McMillan, saying he was about to break the good news to Kolzow.

“We just found out that I got approved today,” said McMillan in the video about being able to donate a kidney. “So we’re going to surprise [Kolzow] at work today with this sign.”

The sign read: “Heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?”

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 26 million American adults have kidney disease and that it’s the ninth-leading cause of death in the country.

In Canada, the country’s kidney foundation states one in 10 people have kidney disease and it’s the 10th-leading cause of death.

McMillan told NBC affiliate KXAS News he came up with the idea after none of Kolzow’s family members turned out to be a match for him and Kolzow joked about McMillan texting him on finding out if he was a “perfect match…to save (his) life.”

So, with the sign in hand, McMillan entered the hospital Kolzow worked at and asked him if he wanted his kidney.

Kolzow broke down in tears and the two embraced.

“My kidney’s going inside that body right there,” McMillan is heard saying to Kolzow in the video.

The surgery took place on July 27 and a statement between both families read in part: “Danny and Graham are recovering, doing well and praising Jesus.”

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长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

Little boy unknowingly takes swings at pitches from Oakland A’s all-star pitcher

SAN FRANCISCO – When a baseball-loving boy stopped Oakland reliever Sean Doolittle by chance Monday to check out the A’s bandanna worn by the pitcher’s dog, the little guy got an impromptu opportunity to play shadow baseball with a big leaguer.

Doolittle and girlfriend Eireann Dolan were walking their Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Stella, on Monday afternoon in San Francisco when 5-year-old Jordan stopped them to inquire about the dog’s accessory and share how much he loves baseball. Dolan said that when she told Jordan that Doolittle is an A’s player – he is currently away from the team while recovering from a recurring shoulder injury – “he didn’t believe me,” she said in a text message to The Associated Press on Tuesday night.

View this post on Instagram

This little boy saw us walking the dog and pointed to Stella’s A’s bandana. He told us he loves baseball. He asked if we could play and he made Sean be the pitcher. Sean was charged with the run. Kid had no idea who he was playing with 😂😂😂 (disclaimer: I had permission from his mom to post)

A post shared by Eireann Michael Dolan (@eireanndolan) on Jul 25, 2016 at 5:35pm PDT

“So I showed him the pic on my phone of Sean in uniform,” she said. “His response was to take my phone and ask if I had any games on it.”

Jordan also proceeded to use her phone to snap a selfie with the red-headed, bearded closer and take another blurry shot of Doolittle giving a thumbs-up sign.

“That little boy was too much,” Dolan said.

Dolan posted the photo and video of their meeting on Instagram, and it became an instant hit.

The video clip had nearly 4,600 views as of Tuesday night.

Her caption read: “This little boy saw us walking the dog and pointed to Stella’s A’s bandana. He told us he loves baseball. He asked if we could play and he made Sean be the pitcher. Sean was charged with the run. Kid had no idea who he was playing with. (disclaimer: I had permission from his mom to post) .”

For Doolittle, the interaction with a young fan was a welcome distraction.

“It is always refreshing to rediscover how much fun baseball is through someone else’s eyes,” Doolittle said Tuesday. “Rehab and DL stints can be a grind, so during those times it was nice to remember how lucky I am to play a children’s game.”

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长沙夜生活 21/11/2018

Four Winnipeggers named to national long track speed skating teams

Speed Skating Canada announced the athletes who will make up the long track national speed skating teams for next season and four Manitobans were among the 34 skaters chosen. Speed Skating Canada breaks down the athletes into three different teams.

Winnipeg’s Heather McLean was named to the National Elite Pool. The 23-year-old won her first World Cup individual medal last season, capturing a bronze medal in the 500 metre. It’ll be McLean’s fourth season on the national team.

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Stefan Waples of Winnipeg was chosen for the National Senior Pool.

Waples, 29, first competed at a World Cup event in 2011.

Winnipeg’s Sam Deckert and Tyson Langelaar both cracked the National Development Pool. It’s the first time Langelaar is a part of the national team as a supported athlete. He was on the Junior National Team in the 2015-2016 season.

The National Development Pool is for younger athletes who skated in the 2016 World Junior Championships. The Elite pool is for skaters who had a top 10 finish at the 2016 World Single Distance Championships while the National Senior Pool is made up of athletes who had an 11th to 25th place finish at any World Cup events.

Members of the 2016-2017 National Elite Pool
BELCHOS, Jordan                         (Markham, ON)
BLOEMEN, Ted-Jan                       (Calgary, AB)
BLONDIN, Ivanie                            (Ottawa, ON)
BOISVERT-LACROIX, Alex             (Sherbrooke, QC)
De HAÎTRE, Vincent                       (Cumberland, ON)
DUBREUIL, Laurent                        (Lévis, Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon borough, QC)
DUTTON, William                           (Humboldt, SK)
HUDEY, Marsha                            (White City, SK)
JUNIO, Gilmore                              (Calgary, AB)
McLEAN, Heather                          (Winnipeg, MB)
MORRISON, Denny                        (Fort St. John, B.C.)
ST-JEAN, Alexandre                      (Quebec City, QC)

Members of the 2016-2017 National Senior Pool
CHRIST, Kali                                  (Regina, SK)
IRVINE, Kaylin                               (Calgary, AB)
JANSSENS, Alec                           (Chilliwack, B.C.)
JEAN, Olivier                                 (Lachenaie, QC)
SPENCE, Josie                             (Kamloops, B.C.)
WAPLES, Stefan                           (Winnipeg, MB)
WATSON, Robert                           (Whitby, ON)

Members of the 2016-2017 National Development Pool
CLOUTHIER, Braden                      (Dawson Creek, B.C.)
DECKERT, Sam                            (Winnipeg, MB)
DONNELLY, Ben                           (Oshawa, ON)
DUBREUIL, Daniel                         (Lévis, Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon borough, QC)
FIOLA, Christopher                        (Montréal, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, QC)
FISET, Noémie                              (Quebec City, Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge borough, QC)
FISH, Graeme                                (Moose Jaw, SK)
GRAHAM, Jacob                           (Dawson Creek, B.C.)
HENKELMAN, Jordan                    (Calgary, AB)
HUNTER, Cooper                           (De Winton, AB)
LAMARCHE, Béatrice                     (Quebec City, Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge borough, QC)
LANGELAAR, Tyson                      (Winnipeg, MB)
PEARMAN, Maddison                    (Ponoka, AB)
RUEL-GARVEY, Alex                     (Calgary, AB)
WEIDEMANN, Isabelle                   (Ottawa, ON)