Belgian scientists invent machine that turns pee into drinking water

Belgian researchers have invented a machine that turns human pee into drinkable water.

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The machine doesn’t require electricity and can be used off the grid. So how does it work? Basically, it collects urine in a big tank where it’s heated in a solar-powered boiler and passed through a membrane that retrieves the drinkable water.

“We’re able to recover urine…just in a simple process without having to use very hi-tech technology, just using solar energy,” Sebastiaan Derese, researcher at the University of Ghent told Reuters.

It all started when the group of researchers at the University of Ghent wanted to find a creative way to recover resources.

“A lot of nutrients are increasingly depleted. So for that we decided it was important. In fact, urine itself is a very rich source of nutrients. So we decided to start from there,” Arne Verliefde, a professor at the university told Global News.

So the quest to invent a machine that can recover nutrients from urine started.

The team started testing out different ways they can filter out nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous, which can then be used to make fertilizers. They made the machine with their own hands and ordered a few parts from around the world. It cost a few thousand euros to make and roughly two months to complete, Verliefde said.

“It doesn’t look fancy but it does the job,” he added.

In constructing the machine, they then discovered they could also turn the pee into water. And that’s when they had the idea of using that water to also brew beer.

“We are planning on brewing a beer from it, so there is a project here in Ghent, which is called ‘sewer to brewer,’” Derese said.

Using the slogan #peeforscience, the team recently used their prototype machine at a music festival in Ghent. They recovered 1,000 litres of water from the urine of festival-goers.

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They hope to introduce the machine to developing countries and rural communities, where water and fertilizer are in short supply.

“We’re talking to potential investors.  The idea is to bring it to developing countries at the lowest price possible – hoping to get it down to a few hundred euros to make it accessible to farmers,” Verliefde said.

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Abdirahman Abdi depressed, unemployed before confrontation with Ottawa police: former boss

The Ottawa man who died this week after a confrontation with police seemed to be suffering from depression and was looking for a job in the days leading up to the incident, according to his former boss.

Abdirahman Abdi stopped by the car-wash business owned by Tony Shahrasebi on Friday, Shahrasebi told Global News, and asked if he could resume a job he had left behind a few months earlier when he travelled to his native Somalia to get married.

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“I think he realized when he married in Somalia … he’d have to have a job to be able to able to sponsor the wife,” the business owner explained. “I think that gave him some stress and depression … that’s my feeling from my conversation with him on Friday.”

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Abdi had previously worked at the car wash on Catherine Street for four years and never caused any trouble, Shahrasebi said, adding that he had asked Abdi where his wife was on Friday. Abdi replied they were “separated.”

“He was a hardworking man, he did the work to the best of his capabilities,” Shahrasebi noted. “He was verbal, he spoke better English than many people who were here 30 years.”

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video shows aftermath of Abdirahman Abdi police confrontation

Abdi died in hospital following a violent struggle with Ottawa police outside the Hintonburg building where he lived on July 24.

The 37-year-old has been described by locals as a “fixture” in the community who may have had some mental health challenges, but generally was not disruptive or violent.

“He’s a fixture in the neighbourhood,” said Jeff Leiper, Ottawa city councillor for Kitchissippi Ward, at a vigil held for Abdi on Tuesday night.

“When we lose anybody, a fixture or not, we’re taking it pretty hard.”

A handout photo of Abdirahman Abdi.


Leiper said he was “shaken” and “disturbed” by Abdi’s death, but he doesn’t have enough information to judge what led up to it.

“How did that altercation turn out the way that it did? Right now, I don’t have nearly enough facts to know,” he said, adding that he understands why people are asking if the fact that Abdi was black played a role.

“I don’t know enough about what happened to know whether that even played in, but I certainly recognize why people are asking. It’s hard not to, when we’re being bombarded with the headlines week in and week out.”

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Police were called to a coffee shop on Sunday morning to respond to reports of a man groping female customers. In the minutes that followed, they located Abdi and he allegedly resisted arrest. There was a physical struggle before he was handcuffed and lost consciousness.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video shows paramedics attending to man who died following Ottawa police arrest

Video shot in the aftermath shows Abdi lying on the pavement, bleeding and being held down by the officers. Witnesses have said he was severely beaten.

“Once we’ve done the funeral, the truth is going to come out about who he was,” said Abdi’s brother-in-law, Khalif Ismail, at the Tuesday night vigil. “The whole world will see what happened.”

Members of Abdi’s extended family thanked the community for its support on Tuesday night. His funeral is set for Friday.

“He was a very gentle soul, he wouldn’t harm anybody,” said car-wash owner Shahrasebi. “I don’t believe he deserved to die like this.”

Abdi was a practicing Muslim who prayed every day, he said, and one worker at the car wash considered him to be “like a son.”

“He came to this new land with a hope to have a better life. All of his dreams were shattered with this … I hope they do a thorough investigation on this.”

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Shooting deaths of police officers in U.S. spike in 2016: report

NEW ORLEANS – Shooting deaths of law enforcement officers spiked 78 per cent in the first half of 2016 compared to last year, including an alarming increase in ambush-style assaults like the ones that killed eight officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, according to a report released Wednesday.

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However, data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund shows that firearms-related deaths of officers in the line of duty are still lower than they were during previous decades like the 1970s.

Thirty-two officers died in firearms-related incidents so far this year including 14 that were ambush-style attacks, according to the report. During the same period last year, 18 officers were shot and killed in the line of duty including three that were considered ambush attacks.

“That’s a very alarming, shocking increase in the number of officers who are being literally assassinated because of the uniform they wear and the job that they do,” said Craig W. Floyd, who heads the organization.

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The organization usually releases a mid-year report tracking incidents for the first six months but decided to extend the period due to the July attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge against police officers. So the report goes from the beginning of January to July 20 and compares it to the same period last year. On their website, the organization also keeps a running tally of officers who died in the line of duty. Those figures through July 26 show that 33 officers have been shot and killed so far this year.

VIDEO: Details emerge about Baton Rouge police shooter’s plan to kill

The report comes at a time of heightened tension between communities across the country and police officers. Two police officers and one sheriff’s deputy were shot and killed during an ambush on July 17 in Baton Rouge by a black gunman who was later killed by responding officers. In Dallas, a black gunman opened fire on police during a July 7 protest against recent police shootings of black suspects; the gunman killed five officers before being killed by authorities.

A total of 67 officers have died in the line of duty so far in 2016, according to the report. That figure also includes officers who died in traffic accidents, fatal falls or airplane crashes.

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Texas leads the nation in the number of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty with 14 deaths so far this year, including the five recent slayings in Dallas. Louisiana, where three officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, ranked second with a total of seven officers who died in the line of duty.

Despite the recent high-profile shootings of police, the average number of officers shot and killed on the job is significantly lower than in previous decades. Floyd said during the 1970s, there was an average of 127 officers shot and killed yearly; during the last ten years through 2015, the average number shot and killed is 52. He cited the reduction in violent crime in recent decades and said officers have benefited from the widespread introduction of body armour and improved trauma care if they do get shot.

But he noted a worrying increase in recent years in anti-police and anti-government sentiment.

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Kirkland coyote: dog injured after Ecclestone Park incident

Another incident involving the Kirkland coyote has residents on edge.

It happened around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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“My wife and our dog were attacked at Ecclestone Park in front of the chalet by a coyote,” said Richard Jamgotchian.

“The coyote was not scared of my wife until a neighbour came to help.”

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The dog was injured on her back leg.

Kirkland resident Jordan Furfaro fed a coyote that followed him home.

Jordan Furfaro

A woman claims she saw what she believes is a coyote in Ecclestone Park in Kirkland, Thursday, July 8, 2016.


“Missy” is the resident coyote at the Ecomuseum in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Billy Shields/Global News

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  • Kirkland coyote: don’t feed wild animals, expert warns

  • Kirkland coyote: residents want town officials to focus on safety

  • Kirkland coyote: residents on edge after multiple sightings

    This comes after several recent incidents in the area where the coyote has approached several people and dogs.

    “It’s definitely disturbing and a concern for the pets,” said Kirkland resident Georgia Genovezos.

    “You would never want anything to harm your pet so it’s concerning.”

    READ MORE: Kirkland coyote: residents on edge after multiple sightings

    Jacques Nadeau, a spokesperson with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, explained coyotes rarely attack humans, but residents should be wary of allowing small pets off a leash.

    WATCH BELOW: Coyote on the loose in Kirkland

    Who’s feeding the Kirkland coyote?


    Who’s feeding the Kirkland coyote?


    Kirkland coyote chases


    Kirkland residents on edge after coyote sightings


    EXCLUSIVE: Coyote on the loose in Kirkland

    Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson said authorities are taking steps to capture the wild animal.

    “Where Harris Park is, towards the Trans-Canada, we have an empty lot there, zoned industrial – there’s a possibility that he’s living in that area,” Gibson told Global News.

    “We contacted the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs and they gave us the permission to put a safe trap to capture and relocate him.”

    READ MORE: Kirkland coyote: residents want town officials to focus on safety

    As a precaution, Skedaddle urban wildlife specialist Bill Dowd is asking residents not to feed the coyotes.

    Anyone who sees a coyote should call Kirkland’s municipal patrol at 514-630-1234.

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Operation Polar Cops: St. Louis police ice cream truck aims to mend community relations

St. Louis police have a question to ask as they take their new truck into neighborhoods: One scoop or two?

Police Chief Sam Dotson calls it “Operation Polar Cops,” a truck that will give away ice cream treats at various events at parks, community centres and schools, part of an effort to improve community relations. Police say the goal is to provide a “fun environment for citizens to have positive interactions with our officers.” The truck, retrofitted to look like a typical ice cream truck but dressed in police blue, was unveiled Tuesday.

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  • Shooting deaths of police officers in U.S. spike in 2016: report

  • 2 dead in St. Louis shooting; responding officer injured

  • Suspect killed by St. Louis police was shot in back: autopsy

    READ MORE: Demonstrators mark the 1-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson

    “Operation Polar Cops is a unique tool to reach our youngest citizens,” Dotson said. “The goal of this project is simple. It’s about introducing our officers as positive role models in a fun environment.”

    St. Louis police, like many other police departments in the U.S., are trying to soften the often tense relationship with the community it serves. Police in St. Louis have frequently been the subject of protests following fatal shootings of suspects, especially in the two years since Michael Brown’s death in nearby Ferguson.

    Brown, 18, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot by white Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. A grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice declined to prosecute Wilson, who resigned from the force in November 2014. But the shooting led to months of protest in Ferguson, St. Louis and elsewhere, raising awareness about concerns in the black community about treatment by police.

    Number of People Killed by Police in the US | Graphiq

    Earlier this month, police in Wichita, Kansas, hosted a cookout to promote dialogue between law enforcement and the Black Lives Matter movement. Nearly 2,000 people attended, an event deemed so successful that Police Chief Gordon Ramsay was invited to the White House to discuss community policing.

    WATCH: Dancing cop at Black Lives Matter rally becomes viral hit

    Dotson said the St. Louis program was inspired by a similar outreach by Boston police, Operation Hoodsie Cup, which began in 2010.

    The ice cream truck was purchased by the St. Louis Police Foundation. Prairie Farms Dairy and the grocery chain Schnucks donated more than 6,000 treats.

    Density of ice cream shops in Missouri | FindTheHome

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How to prevent birds from flying into your windows

A University of Alberta researcher has published a new study on how to reduce bird-window collisions in residential areas.

Justine Kummer, the study’s author, said she wanted to “find ways that homeowners can keep having birds in their yards, keep feeding them, keep attracting them but hopefully reduce the collision risk at their homes.”

More than 1,300 people participated in the study — mostly from Canada, and a few from abroad.

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“Most people can relate to it in some way. They’ve had a bird hit their window or heard a story about a bird hitting their neighbour’s window,” Kummer said.

“The main findings of the study were things that make sense.”

“Those houses that have bird feeders, lots of vegetation like trees, shrubs, flowers in their yards are the houses that are having the most collisions,” Kummer added.

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Kummer’s study made the following recommendations:

Move bird feeders closer to windows. “If the bird is frightened or leaves quickly, it won’t have enough speed to do damage to itself.”Close blinds to cut down the reflection of vegetation in the window.Use bird window decals. “The problem with decals is people aren’t putting enough on the window; you essentially have to cover the window. People don’t want to put big black birds on their window, so people are getting around this by using UV decals that are relatively clear to humans, but for birds it reflects light and they can better see that there is a surface there.”

Study author Justine Kummer and study participant Perry Mair inspect a window with leaf cut outs posted on it. The study proves that cut outs like this help reduce collisions.

Study participant Peggy Mair hopes these tips will help reduce crashes in her yard — she’s witnessed more than she’d like.

“Probably the most horrifying experience I had was late winter, early spring, I had eight wax wings hit [my] window one after another. Bang bang bang bang bang,” Mair explained.

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After participating in the study Mair has found that she is “more aware of the impact that we have on wildlife and the things that we do innocently that may be detrimental” to birds who call her back yard home.

For Kummer, she hopes the study will help spread awareness. “I liked having results that I can tell homeowners about and actually make a difference.”

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Ozzy and Jack Osbourne return to TV in ‘Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour’

Two members of the Osbourne family are back on TV in an “non-scripted” father-and-son series, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, where they go on travel adventures together.

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The brand-new travel series takes rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his son, Jack, to historic sites around the United States and the United Kingdom, including the Alamo, where in 1982 the Black Sabbath rocker famously relieved himself on the Alamo Cenotaph and received a lifetime ban from the city of San Antonio, Texas.

The ban was lifted in 1992 when Osbourne donated $10,000 to Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the group that maintains and manages the Alamo.

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At one point, the duo travels to Roswell, New Mexico on the hunt to spot some UFOs, which Jack is interested in, according to Ozzy.

“Jack’s into UFOs. I’m into it to a certain degree so we went to where the crash was supposed to have happened, and it’s in the middle of f**kin’ nowhere. I said, ‘Let’s just pull off the f**kin’ road’ and they said no; Jack had to go to the exact f**kin’ spot, as if there’s anything there, y’know?” Ozzy told Billboard.

During the course of the hour-long episodes, they visit other places like Mount Rushmore, Stonehenge, the Jamestown Settlement and Sun Studios.

READ MORE: Ozzy Osbourne hints he’s back with wife Sharon after brief separation

Reality TV star Jack Osbourne launched a production company, Osbourne Media, and co-produces with Jenny Daly’s T Group Productions, creating unscripted formats and observational documentaries.

Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour is produced for History by T-Group Productions with Osbourne Media.

The 10-episode series premiered on July 24 and airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. on History.

The Prince of Darkness and his son have not starred in a regularly scheduled TV series since MTV’s reality show The Osbournes, which also featured family members Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, which ran for four seasons and ended in 2005.

Ozzy Osbourne resumed a year-long farewell tour with Black Sabbath last month, which includes Sabbath and Slipknot headlining a combined festival — called Ozzfest Meet Knotfest — this September in San Bernardino, Calif.

Global News and History are divisions of Corus Entertainment Inc.

Ozzy and Jack's World Detour | PrettyFamous

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‘I benefited from their hard work’: Michael Ford rides coattails of uncle Rob and Doug

Newly elected Toronto city councillor Michael Ford admits the Ford name was instrumental in the 22-year-old’s byelection victory in Etobicoke North on Monday.

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“Rob and Doug left a legacy there that I wanted to pick up and continue. I benefited from their hard work in the community and me continuing on that,” Ford said during an interview on Global’s The Morning Show on Wednesday.

The Ward 2 seat was left vacant after former mayor Rob Ford passed away in March following a battle with cancer.

“I’ve been brought up in a family who has been dedicated to public service and giving back to the community. It’s in my blood,” he said.

“I grew up around Rob and Doug and saw what they’ve done for the community. It’s in me.”

READ MORE: Rob Ford’s nephew to run for late mayor’s vacated council seat

Ford, who previously served as a Toronto District School Board trustee, said he spent the past two and a half months knocking on close to 10,000 doors in an effort to capture the byelection win despite 11 other candidates on the ballot.

“We went into the campaign taking nothing for granted. I had a phenomenal team around me and we knocked on almost every door in the ward,” he said.

Ford said he will bring uncle Rob’s customer service approach to politics along with him to city hall.

“When I went to their door, they said focus on customer service. When we call you, we want you at our door and that’s a commitment I made to them,” he said.

“I also heard about taxes. Keeping the taxes affordable and low for our residents and community investments.”

VIDEO: The late Rob Ford’s nephew, 22-year-old Michael Ford, won the by-election with a convincing majority. Peter Kim reports.

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Dumoulin looking to recapture NASCAR Pinty’s Series magic in Saskatoon

They say you never forget your first. L.P. Dumoulin has been racing in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series since 2009 but it wasn’t until 2014 that he earned his first oval track victory, and it came in Saskatoon.

“At that point in the championship we were pretty much at mid-season,” Dumoulin remembered.

“That was telling me, ‘all right, you got a podium in Edmonton, a win in Saskatoon, you’re leading the points.’ To me it meant a lot, saying, ‘Hey, we can win this thing. We can win a championship.’”

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  • Crapigna lifts Sask. Roughriders over Ottawa Redblacks for first win of 2016

  • Canadian Finals Rodeo heading to Saskatoon

  • Saskatoon Blades turn to homegrown talent for coaching staff

    READ MORE: Kids ‘racing for respect’ at Wyant Group Raceway

    Dumoulin did indeed go on to win the series championship that season. But since then the wins have dried up for the 37-year-old Quebec native, and he’s hoping a return to the Bridge City in this week’s Velocity Prairie Thunder 250 will help kick-start another strong second half run.

    “(We’ve had) a lot of challenges, curve balls here and there. But since Toronto, finishing fourth, and second in Edmonton, this week in Saskatoon we want to do very well and keep building on that momentum,” he said.

    That means Dumoulin’s team is putting in long hours, with just three days to get his number 47 Dodge ready after a season-best second-place finish in Edmonton on July 23.

    “Those guys are just doing a lot of overtime pushing it hard to make it happen. Again, a big challenge but I’ve got the best team to make it happen,” he said.

    READ MORE: Ontario teen with autism is go-kart racing sensation, teaches others about acceptance

    But a talented field will be standing in his way, including overall points leader Andrew Ranger and the hottest driver on the circuit right now, Alex Tagliani, who has won the last two events and sits third overall despite starting just five of six races.

    They’re joined by Kevin Lacroix, currently in fifth place overall, one point ahead of Dumoulin. The 27-year-old is making his Wyant Group Raceway debut this year.

    “People say it’s either the first- or second-nicest track we have on our calendar, so I’m looking forward to racing on it. There’s a lot of room, the track is pretty wide and people seem to love it,” Lacroix said.

    Meanwhile 2015 rookie of the year Gary Klutt is looking forward to his second crack at the Saskatoon track.

    “I really like this track. I had a lot of fun (last year). We had bad luck last year and broke with 25 (laps) to go passing for third. We were fast here and I’m excited to get back,” Klutt said.

    The green flag flies on the Velocity Prairie Thunder 250 Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

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Freddie Gray case: State drops all charges against remaining Baltimore officers

BALTIMORE – Prosecutors dropped the remaining charges Wednesday against three Baltimore police officers awaiting trial in the death of Freddie Gray, bringing an end to the case without a conviction.

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Grey was a black man whose neck was broken while he was handcuffed and shackled but left unrestrained in the back of a police van in April 2015. His death added fuel to the growing Black Lives Matter movement and caused turmoil in Baltimore, including large protests and the worst riots the city had seen in decades.

READ MORE: Officers involved in death of Freddie Gray under internal police review

The decision by prosecutors comes after a judge had already acquitted three of the six officers charged in the case, including the van driver who the state considered the most responsible and another officer who was the highest-ranking of the group.

A fourth officer had his case heard by a jury, who deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial.

A pretrial hearing had been scheduled Wednesday for Officer Garrett Miller, who had faced assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment charges, but instead Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow told the judge that prosecutors were dropping the charges against Miller and the rest of the officers.

Prosecutors and defence attorneys quickly left the courtroom without commenting, but both sides planned news conferences later Wednesday.

READ MORE: Baltimore judge acquits Lt. Brian Rice on all charges in death of Freddie Gray

After Gray’s death, the U.S. Justice Department launched a patterns and practice investigation into allegations of widespread abuse and unlawful arrests by the Baltimore Police Department. The results of the probe have not been released.

Prosecutors had said Gray was illegally arrested after he ran away from a bike patrol officer and the officers failed to buckle Gray into a seat belt or call a medic when he indicated he wanted to go to a hospital.

WATCH: Chief prosecutor claims ‘obvious bias’ as State drops charges against Baltimore police

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby wasted little time in announcing charges after Gray’s death – one day after receiving the police department’s investigation while a tense city was still under curfew – and she did not shy from the spotlight. She posed for magazine photos, sat for TV interviews and even appeared onstage at a Prince concert in Gray’s honour.

Three of the officers who were charged were black and three were white.

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Alberta Municipal Affairs cracks down on town of Fort Macleod

A complicated fight that’s dragged on for two years in Fort Macleod came to an end Monday night, as Alberta Municipal Affairs released a report into the operations of the town of Fort Macleod.

The town was given 12 binding directives, including making sure every council and committee meeting is recorded, and any changes to existing bylaws follow proper procedures. There were also 63 recommendations, and that’s not it.

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“We’re also going to do an assessment audit,” said Alberta Municpal Affairs Public Affairs Officer Jerry Ward. “That’ll begin in the middle of August and that’s basically to go over their books to make sure they’re doing all the property assessment correctly.”

If the directives aren’t completed, more can be added. The provincial report was ordered following months of turmoil that saw Fort Macleod Mayor Rene Gendre suspended, a lawsuit between the mayor and the town, and finally, a petition organized by local residents.

“The Mayor continued to attend committee meetings and showed disregard and disrespect for the governance actions that were exercised by the Fort Macleod council,” said Alberta Municipal Affairs Inspector Shari-Anne Doolaege.

Municipal Affairs cited a number of situations where improper protocol was used. And though the suspended mayor admits he’s made mistakes, not all of the report sits well.

“The inspectors can’t be all right all the time I think,” suspended mayor Gendre said. “I mean, they’re getting information from a number of different sources.”

According to municipal affairs, this is the 17th municipal inspection performed in the last nine years. This report is an indictment of the town’s leadership, but council just hopes they can start earning back the community’s faith.

“I only ask, hope that together that we can build trust and that they would see their council can be trusted and we can work together as a team,” said Fort Macleod Deputy Mayor Brent Feyter.

Gendre’s suspension was renewed two weeks ago, and will be up for another vote at Fort Macleod council no earlier than December 31, unless council decides to review it before then.

The full 167 page report can be accessed on the Fort Macleod town website.