Nova Scotia’s ‘Fall River Dragon’ returns to Miller Lake

The “dragon” that’s been known to frequent a lake for decades next to Highway 102, a short drive south of Halifax Stanfield International Airport, is back.

Emily, as the floating, green dragon-looking head is called, was reinstalled on Tuesday. It’s located in Miller Lake in Fall River, N.S.

“The lake’s not the same without her in it, so it’s definitely great to have her back,” said Emily Horner, program coordinator at Camp Lone Cloud.

According to Steve Streatch, the head first appeared floating in the lake about 50 years ago as a fallen oak tree.

It was eventually replaced and further designed to look like a dragon head.

Its current iteration debuted in 2002 and is about four feet long.

The head, also known as the Fall River Dragon, has been stolen several times over the years by pranksters but eventually returned.

“Some people felt it was, maybe, a trophy to capture, but it wasn’t really appreciated,” said Streatch, adding that the head hasn’t been in the lake for about two years due to “different complications.”

Along with members of the camp, which is located on an island surrounded by the lake, he helped reposition the head on Wednesday.

The head now faces the island.

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