Dorval Avenue roadwork slated to start Aug. 1

Dorval Avenue, from Dorval Circle south to Dawson Avenue, is being revamped.

Workers will install granite walls, a dedicated bike path and new street lights, among other improvements.

During the majority of the work, only one lane will be open in each direction.

“The work is mostly aesthetic,” said city spokesperson Sebastien Gauthier, adding that workers have handed out notices to let Dorval residents know businesses along the corridor will remain open.

The work includes:

New roadways with two lanes in each directionAdding bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossingsGranite borders and concrete deck sidewalksRejuvenating urban propertyModernizing street and traffic lightsPlanting vegetation for better storm water management

Many in the business community said they support the work as a necessary measure to beautify the area.

Nevertheless, Josée Gilbert, a pet shop owner, told Global News the work would likely cost her new customers and she only hopes to keep her existing ones.

Dorval officials say the project will take four months and cost just over $3.8 million.

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